Sarvodaya's Manjeera

  •                                                                                Sarvodaya’s  Manjeera

    Sarvodaya’s Manjeera is an unique and pioneering initiative of more than 100 self help group women in the form of “Sarvodhaya Women Entrepreneurs-Gongloor’’ with a single brand “Sarvodaya’s Manjeera” and many healthy and affordable products such as Cold Pressed Edible Oils,Safely harvested Unpolished Daals,Processed Millets,Hand Made Soaps,Spices,Pickles and Detergents  for the consumers while empowering women in rural habitations with employment and entrepreneurial abilities.

     Sarvodaya’s Manjeera emphasizes on connecting global with local for making local vocal and creating rural manufacturing bases for generating gainful employment opportunities for self help group women. Sarvodaya’s Manjeera products are FSSAI (License Number: 13623999000486),AYUSH & GMP certified.At present, this initiative is creating gainful employment opportunities for more than 25 women besides developing entrepreneurial abilities among self help women to realise the vision of Athma Nirbar Bharath.

    Sarvodaya’s Manjeera is also supporting farmers by directly procuring Pulses,Edible oil seeds and Millets for further processing and providing healthier alternative products to health conscious consumers. Kindly encourage Sarvodaya’s Manjeera Products for supporting self help women in rural habitations.



  • Sarvodhaya Women Entrepreneurs-Gongloor  is an association of More than 100 Self Help Group Women seeking to empower rural women by promoting entrepreneurship among them with focus on "Uthpatthi (Manufacturing)" and "Upaadhi (Employment) " in rural is an initiative of Dr P Sudhakar Naik,an IRS officer  and 50+ Medical Professionals from Hyderabad in association with self help Group(SHG) women of Gongloor and other villages for empowering rural women with the support of IIT-Hyderabad, NIRD&PR-Hyderabad,NIMSME-Hyderabad,PJSTSAU-Hyderabad and Khadi Gramodyog Mahavidyalaya,Hyderabad.