Sarvodaya's Manjeera

Safflower Wood Pressed Edible Oil 1 L

Rs. 380.00 Rs. 550.00

Safflower oil is a heart-healthy oil made from the seeds of the safflower plant that can be used throughout the kitchen.

We at Sarvodaya's Manjeera ensure the quality of wood pressed oils by utilizing traditional methods of oil extraction using ancient cold-pressing technology. Safflower seeds are hand-picked and sundried before being crushed into KachiGhani. The extracted oil is stored in huge tanks for couple of days for the sediments to be settled. Safflower oil is being used from centuries for its vital nutrients, acids and fats. Power packed with nutrients, this oil enhances immunity system, digestive system and helps in speedy hair growth.

Safflower oil contains more Vitamin E than any other vegetable oil. This oil is naturally extracted from safflower seeds that gives you a rich and flavourful taste. Ideal for daily cooking that gives good source of energy.

It acts as a antioxidant and is good for your skin.It helps in getting rid of acne and pores. It acts as a natural moisturizer for your skin.

Nutritional Information:

Contains Omega 3 MUFA, Omega 6 PUFA, Contains Natural Antioxidants, 100% Pure and Unrefined

How To Use:

It Can be used for Daily Cooking and is a Multipurpose oil (Bake, Saute, Grill, Sesoning, Deep Frying, Shallow Frying)


Store in a dry place away away from direct heat and light